You must register for the Festival first, then choose your talks, tours, and meals.
Talks, tours, and Saturday lunch are included in the Festival admission.
Please sign up for talks so we can determine the room size. Also note that some talks may have limited space so attendance may be limited to those who have signed up.
Please choose only one speaker per session.

The 2019 Festival of Fruit will have speakers on all three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, along with the tours on Friday and Sunday. See the schedule below for details.

Friday, August 16th, The Huntington Start TimeAhmanson Room
9:00The Feijoa - Breed your own crosses! Grow from cuttings! Import from New Zealand! New Huntington Feijoa Grove! Lucky drawing!
- Glen Woodmansee
10:00The Lowdown On Loquats - Nature’s Gift Of Gold
- Katie Wong
11:00Cryobiotechnology as a tool to conserve plant genetic resources
- Raquel Folgado

Saturday, August 17th, Los Angeles Arboretum
SessionStart TimeAyres HallPalm RoomBamboo RoomOak RoomEducation Room
Opening Remarks9:00
KeynotePawpaws: America's Forgotten Fruit
- Andrew Moore
Session 110:00The Power Of Organics In Your Garden
- Giselle Schoniger
Fruit Variety Registration Program And The Methods Of Cultivar Identification
- Marta Matvienko
Growing Apples In The Tropics
- Kevin Hauser
Now That I Am A CRFG Member, What Do I Do Next? Or, Making Your Dream Garden
- Rick Yessayian
Postharvest Handling Considerations For Annonas
- Marita Cantwell
Session 211:00Cherimoya Varieties Of Spain And How They Are Pruned
- Ben Faber
38 Years Of Amateur Blueberry
Growing In Southern California
- Charles Portney
Adventures with Citrus Germplasm; Opportunities and Challenges as the Curator of an Ex Situ Germplasm Collection
- Tracy Kahn
If We Go, We Are Taking You With Us! The pollination services of the Western Honey Bee, Apis mellifera
- Melody Wallace
Figs: From Twigs to Figs
- Jon Verdick
Lunch/Vendor Fair12:00
Session 32:00Sex On The Kitchen Table: The Importance Of Plants' Romance Behind Those (Rare) Fruits And Vegetables
- Norman Ellstrand
Palmageddon: The Wasting Of California's Palms By The South American Palm Weevil
- Mark Hoddle
Avocados Varieties From A To Z
- Denny Luby & Julie Frink
Fruit Tree Pathology
- Annemiek Schilder
Greywater 101 For The Home Orchard
- Ty Teissere
Session 43:00The Buzz About Bees: Native Bees And How To Attract Them
- Anna Howell
Pomegranate: A Breeder's Perspective
- John Chater
Good For Us, Good For The Earth
- Pieter Severynen
Beating The Bugs: Sustainable Pest Management In Strawberry
- Elvira de Lange
Consider A Hugel
- Leigh Adams
Session 54:00Experiences With Rare And Exotic Fruits From Across The World
- Steven Murray
Pot Blunders: Avoiding And Correcting Defective Tree Growth
- Robin Rivet
The Future Of Fruit: Gaining Insight From DNA Technology And Analysis
- Dianne Velasco
Interesting Fruits Of My Garden
- Don Winterstein
Pitahaya Or Dragon Fruit: Growing Systems For Successful Backyard Production
- Ramiro Lobo

Saturday Banquet, Arcadia Community Center6:00From Cows To Concrete: The Rise & Fall Of Farming In Los Angeles
- Rachel Surls & Judith Gerber

Sunday, August 18th, Cal Poly PomonaStart TimeRoom
9:00Honeybee Behavior
- Mark Hagg
10:00The History And Challenges Of Avocado Improvement In California
- Eric Focht
11:00What You Need To Know To Make Irrigation Easy
- Bruce Wasson