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SessionsDescriptionMaximum one per time slot
Session 1: 10:00-10:50

  • Giselle Schoniger – The Power Of Organics In Your Garden
  • Marta Matvienko – Fruit Variety Registration Program And The Methods Of Cultivar Identification
  • Kevin Hauser – Growing Apples In The Tropics
  • Rick Yessayian – Now That I Am A CRFG Member, What Do I Do Next? Or, Making My Dream Garden
  • Marita Cantwell – Postharvest Handling Considerations For Annonas

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Session 2: 11:00-11:50

  • Ben Faber – Cherimoya Varieties Of Spain And How They Are Pruned
  • Charles Portney – 38 Years Of Amateur Blueberry Growing In Southern California
  • Tracy Kahn – Adventures with Citrus Germplasm; Opportunities and Challenges as the Curator of an Ex Situ Germplasm Collection
  • Melody Wallace – If We Go, We Are Taking You With Us! The pollination services of the Western Honey Bee, Apis mellifera
  • Jon Verdick – Figs: From Twigs to Figs

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Session 3: 2:00-2:50

  • Norman Ellstand – Sex On The Kitchen Table: The Importance Of Plants' Romance Behind Those (Rare) Fruits And Vegetables
  • Mark Hoddle – Palmageddon: The Wasting Of California's Palms By The South American Palm Weevil
  • Denny Luby & Julie Frink – Avocados Varieties From A To Z
  • Annemiek Schilder – Fruit Tree Pathology
  • Ty Teissere – Greywater 101 For The Home Orchard

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Session 4: 3:00-3:50

  • Anna Howell – The Buzz About Bees: Native Bees And How To Attract Them
  • John Chater – Pomegranate: A Breeder's Perspective
  • Pieter Severynen – Good For Us, Good For The Earth
  • Elvira de Lange – Beating The Bugs: Sustainable Pest Management In Strawberry
  • Leigh Adams – Consider A Hugel

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Session 5: 4:00-4:50

  • Steven Murray – Experiences With Rare And Exotic Fruits From Across The World
  • Robin Rivet – Pot Blunders: Avoiding And Correcting Defective Tree Growth
  • Dianne Velasco – The Future Of Fruit: Gaining Insight From DNA Technology And Analysis
  • Don Winterstein – Interesting Fruits Of My Garden
  • Ramiro Lobo – Pitahaya Or Dragon Fruit: Growing Systems For Successful Backyard Production

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