The topics for all of the talks are listed below. For more information about the speakers, see the Speakers page.

David Karp - KeynoteElements of High Flavor
David KarpFifth Citrus
Harvey CorreiaFigs
Robert KourikDaily Irrigation for Greater Fruit Tree Yields
Robert KourikSummer Shaping for Fruit Production
John ValenzuelaPermaculture
Tom SpellmanBackyard Orchard Culture
Yunfei ChenSuccessful introduction and cultivation of yangmei (Myrica rubra) in California.
Aaron DillonHLB and the Future of Citrus in California
John Preece
Taylor HooverMustard for Fruit: Fertilization, Weed Management and Biofumigation
Ernesto SandovalPlant Hormones: knowing and managing them for better results
Joe HewittTropical Experiments
Freddy Menge/Ellen BakerBeyond Hass and Bacon, Avocados for every season
Kate NowellFiloli: Orchards over a Century
Ann NorthrupBattling Pests: Biologicals and Biofungicides
Todd KennedyTrouble with Heirlooms
Rachel SpaethPass the Plums: A look at Burbank's Contributions
Steve DemkowskiNative Bees: Best Pollinators!
Chuck IngelsTraining Fruit Trees for High Production
Chuck IngelsBudding and Grafting Throughout the Year
Tim PhilenSpecialty market growing
Peter RuddockCalifornia Fruit and the Ark of Taste
Dan WileyManaging for Asian Citrus Psyllid
Terry LyngsoSoil Food Web in the Orchard
David MufflyApple's Orchards