Seven Steps!

7 Steps to find the Festival of Fruit Opening Session




1. Go to San Luis Obispo, California. This is Hwy 101 southbound.





2. Head for the Sands Inn & Suites at 1930 Monterey Street, where you can attend the reception and get your registration packet.




3. Saturday morning, get up early. When you begin navigating, look for the big white “P” up on the hillside. This tells you where Cal Poly State University is located.




4. Using the big white P as an orienting landmark, go to the Grand Avenue entrance.




5. No need to stop at the Information booth to get a parking permit. Permit NOT required on Saturday, August 27th.


6. At the Grand Avenue entrance, turn left on to Slack Street. At the end of the block on your right you will find the G2 parking lot.
(If the lot is full, enter Cal Poly via the Grand Avenue entrance and follow the signs to the large parking structure.)




7. Walk to the MAC… a goofy looking building. Go down to the “ground floor” and enter.





No more steps needed!
You are here!