Sally Requa/Requafarm

Upon retiring in 2011 Sally embarked on an adventure in edible, sustainable gardening in the back ½ acre of the Requa’s property in Los Osos.  The garden utilizes companion planting techniques to avoid the use of pesticides and a variety of composting techniques to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers. There were approximately 8 fruit trees on the property when she started in 2011.  There are now more than 50, plus bananas, sugar cane, goji berries, goldenberries, raspberries, herbs and vegetables.  Sally has been experimenting with mulching and in-situ composting as part of a larger water conservation effort.  Sally’s husband, Gary, built the vegetable stand once the food production outpaced the family’s ability to eat it all.  Now, as many of the plants’ exuberance results in overcrowding, the farmstand often includes seedlings and young plants too.