The Festival is sold out!

For those who would still like to get a bit of the flavor and  find out about great products from our vendors, the Vendor Fair will be open to the public on Saturday, July 28 during the event.

Campbell Community Center
1 W. Campbell Ave. in Campbell, CA


Session 1: 10:45-11:30

  • Robert Kourik – Summer Shaping of Trees for Greater Fruit Production
  • Chuck Ingels – Budding and Grafting Throughout the Year
  • Kate Nowell – The Gentleman’s Orchard at Filoli Historic Estate
  • John Preece – The Wonders of Rootstocks: Propagation and Grafting
  • Harvey Correia – The Diverse World of Figs
  • Freddy Menge & Ellen Baker – Beyond Hass and Bacon: Avocados for Every Season

Session 2: 1:30-2:15

  • Chuck Ingels – Training Fruit Trees for High Production
  • Ann Northrup – Battling Pests: Biologicals and Biofungicides
  • Todd Kennedy – The Trouble with Heirlooms
  • Steve Demkowski – Native Bees: Best Pollinators
  • John Valenzuela – Permaculture in Our Orchards
  • Rachel Spaeth – Pass the Plums: A Look at Burbank’s Contributions

Session 3: 2:45–3:30

  • Robert Kourik –Daily Irrigation for Greater Fruit Tree Yields – A Discussion
  • Aaron Dillon – HLB and the Future of Citrus in California
  • Taylor Hoover – Mustard Seed Meal: Building Healthy, Suppressive Soils with Organic Soil Amendments
  • Tim Philen – Confessions of an Heirloom Fruit Evangelist
  • Yunfei Chen – Successful Introduction of Yangmei (Myrica Rubra) in California
  • David Karp – The Fifth Citrus: Papeda

Session 4: 4:00–4:45

  • Peter Ruddock – California Fruit and the Ark of Taste
  • Dan Willey – New Citrus Varieties Soon to be Introduced in California
  • Joe Hewitt – Tropical Experiments in the Los Gatos Foothills
  • Andi Mariani – Creating New Stone Fruit Varieties
  • Ernesto Sandoval – Plant Hormones: Knowing and Managing Them for Better Results
  • Terry Lyngso – Living Soil, What it is and How to Grow the Life in Your Soil