My Blue Heaven – Don and Roxy James Blueberry Farm

Several years ago we purchased a property in beautiful Arroyo Grande with 400 small, sickly, ailing, blueberry plants.  Anyone else at the age of 59 would have pulled them out!!!  But with a brain telling you “You Can Do It”, they quickly became our passion and “OJT”. Today these 2 varieties, Sharp Blue and Misty, are healthy, vibrant, and definitely flourishing, not to mention delicious! We are amazed we can sell them successfully at our “Honor Stand”, which is usually open between May1st to July 1st. There is also a smaller crop in the fall. We learn as we go about new pests that are affecting them, cultivars suited for these micro climates, sustainability and how easy, but eccentric these bite size morsels are. Now when you see Blueberries in the markets you’ll see the heroic efforts to get them there.