David H. Headrick, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Headrick teaches Agricultural Entomology, Biological Control of Agricultural Pests, Vertebrate Pest Management and Insect Pest Management in the Plant Protection Science concentration at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He earned his PhD from UC Riverside where he studied biological control of weeds and became a specialist in tephritid fruit fly ecology and behavior. He then served as a post-doctoral research associate in biological control specializing in whiteflies and parasitic Hymenoptera biology and taxonomy. His research on these agriculturally important groups has resulted in more than 80 published articles, book chapters and technical reports. He continues to conduct research on insect and vertebrate pest management in vegetable, citrus and greenhouse cropping systems and has given 101 national and international research-related presentations.

Check out Dr. Headrick’s website and learn about aphid parasitoids and biological control.