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Larry Hollis to Lead a Hike through Lemon Grove, Cerro San Luis

By | Fruit Blog
Larry Hollis standing by peach tree loaded with fruit.About Larry Hollis: Larry cultivates a wide variety of tropical fruits in his little side yard in one of San Luis Obispo’s “banana belt” regions within the city limits. He was concerned with the relative dearth of pollinators he observed this year visiting his flowering plants. His peach tree is loaded: peaches look great! This kiwi vine, overloaded with flowers today, promises much fruit next year.


About the Hike: on Sunday August 25 at 7:30 a.m., Larry will lead a moderately strenuous hike of the Lemon Grove Loop trail on Cerro San Luis, the mountain in the middle of town. This hike will take approximately 1.5 hours. There are no restroom facilities on this hike.
Meet in the dirt parking lot at the foot of Marsh Street. (Drive southwest on Higuera Street, turn left on Marsh street and take the South 101 onramp. Before you  get to the freeway there will be a dirt parking lot on your right: park in this dirt parking lot. Be careful and move to the right of the road when turning into the parking lot: people behind you will be accelerating to get on the freeway.)